Wealth Management plus Critical Tax Planning

In today’s complex financial landscape, what’s the safest way to increase your returns?

We believe it’s through comprehensive financial planning and prudent investing.

But there’s one more critical component that is frequently ignored. That’s tax planning, so you can keep more of what you earn. In fact, smart tax strategies can make achieving all of your financial goals easier.

Here’s the problem: many financial advisors don’t interact with your tax accountant very often. Or at all.

Don't Forget About Taxes

That’s where we’re different. At Patriot Asset Advisors, our team includes an independent tax specialist (an IRS Enrolled Agent) who works under the same roof. So our financial planners work with our tax specialist to incorporate tax planning in everything we do for you.

That way:

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“At Patriot, we preserve and grow your wealth while working to generate income and minimize your taxes.”

—Allen Stocker, CFP®, Patriot Asset Advisors

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