Tax-Efficient Investment Management

One-size-fits-all investment strategies are not enough in today’s complex financial landscape.  At Patriot Asset Advisors, you get a team of specialists helping you achieve your goals while simultaneously controlling your risk.

Our Focus

Most Financial Advisors

Patriot Asset Advisors

Actively Managing Your Risk and Your Taxable Gains

We believe that no one organization or investment manager has the right answers 100% of the time.  There are just too many variables out of everyone’s control.


So we invest based on that fact.  Here’s where our service excels:

  • Diversification is vital in today’s fast-moving market, so you’ll own a broad range of securities and asset classes that is appropriate for your needs
  • Your money will be invested tax-efficiently, so you’ll keep more of what you earn
  • Tax-loss harvesting will be employed to minimize your capital gains
  • Your money will be held in a trust, providing significantly more safety than many custodian banks

Specialists in Creating Retirement Income

If you’re retired, we’ll turn our attention to helping you generate sustainable income from your portfolio.  We find this is important to help you feel peace of mind when you retire (or downshift) from your job or business.

All the while, we’ll keep you updated, so you can feel more confident when the market gets volatile.

“It’s not what you make; it’s why you keep that matters…that’s why we include tax planning in our investment strategies.”
—Jonathan Taylor, Patriot Asset Advisors