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Your Retirement May Last 30 Or More Years!

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Looking for an experienced team of financial professionals in the Columbus, Ohio area? A partnership with an experienced team of Pataskala, Ohio, financial professionals can be the difference between a comfortable retirement and compromises that impact your mid/late retirement years.

As a Columbus, Ohio area veteran-owned business, we can assist you in building extra income that makes your retirement years more enjoyable while looking for ways to reduce your tax liabilities.

Have I Saved Enough?

Facing the crucial question, ‘Have I saved enough for retirement?’

Read our Step-by-Step Retirement Planning Guide to find out.

If you start your retirement without a clear financial strategy, you’re not alone.

Many people we meet find themselves pondering these questions:

You can review all of your investments in one easy-to-use online portal 24/7.

We’ll develop a comprehensive tax plan that looks at your tax liabilities year-by-year.

We help develop and implement a retirement investment plan that includes various income sources based on your needs.

Our Cash Flow Analysis will examine your other income sources and tax situation to determine when to start taking your benefits.

Our retirement planning process includes assumptions about inflation. Without it, you run the risk of outliving your money.

Our comprehensive four-step retirement process will uncover any financial biases, concerns, and goals you have so we can address these concerns head-on.

We fully analyze your current investments when we start working together and assess if changes are needed based on your long-term goals and needs.

These frequent questions may seem straightforward, yet many people lose sleep worrying about their finances during retirement.

As retirement planning specialists, we know a tailored investment strategy can help reduce your tax burden, ensuring your retirement years are as fulfilling and worry-free as possible.

How We Work

Choosing who will oversee your financial future is one of your most important decisions, so it’s important to see if there is a mutual fit.

We Are Fiduciaries

We are legally bound to put YOUR interests ahead of our own.

We Do the Heavy
Lifting for You

We oversee and manage your assets, so you don’t have to.

We Specialize in
Working with Retirees

We work with individuals who have accumulated $400,000 or more of investable assets.

An Easy Four-Step Process for Planning Your Retirement

Have you envisioned what life will look like once you retire (or have already retired)? Our four-step process helps you define your retirement goals using proven financial planning, investing, and tax strategies.

Discovery and Defining Objectives
Build a Financial
Create an Investment Strategy
Regular Retirement Wellness Checkup

Stay up-to-date on how the latest financial topics impact you.

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Are You Ready for 30 Years of Retirement?

Could your Golden Years last longer than your savings? Will your retirement funds sustain your desired lifestyle later in life? Take the Patriot Free Retirement Readiness Checkup – your first step toward a financially secure retirement.

Discovery and Defining Objectives

During our discovery session, we want to learn about you, identify your feelings toward money and establish a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish.  Our job is to encourage you to express your thoughts about retirement and to listen to your priorities.

These may appear to be simple questions, but they often have complicated answers.

  • When do you plan on retiring?
  • What will it cost?
  • When life changes can your plan adapt?

Every individual has a unique story:  Life experiences, health status, investment temperament, time horizon and much more.  Working 1 on 1 with our fiduciary team, we will get to know you and begin to map out a successful retirement strategy.

Build a Financial Plan

Using our proven process, we organize and analyze your entire financial situation so you can visualize everything in one place.

When you can see your entire financial situation, together we can begin to develop Your Financial Plan.  We will consider the 5 critical building blocks of financial planning:

  • Cash Flow / Debt / Emergency Fund
  • Contributions / Savings Rate
  • Current Investments and Risk Profile
  • Tax Strategies
  • Insurance / Protection

Retirement is a journey, not a destination.

Create an Investment Strategy

Once you have created a Plan, it is time to craft Your Custom Investment Portfolio.  As a Fiduciary, we place your interest First!  We will ensure that you have:

  • Appropriate diversification across the various investment categories
  • Adaptability to changing market conditions:  Interest Rates, Inflation and Geopolitical Events
  • Proper account registration
  • Suitable cash flow and liquidity
  • Transparency of All Fees and Costs

Patriot Asset Advisors has a Certified Financial Planner professional on staff that reviews all strategies.

Patriot Asset Advisors utilizes an IRS Enrolled Agent for Tax consulting and strategies.

We have partnered with an attorney that specializes in Estate planning and Probate avoidance.

Your personal Plan and Portfolio are adaptable and sustainable to give you the confidence to retire comfortably knowing you have planned for the unknown that life holds.

Regular Retirement Wellness Checkup

Developing and implementing a plan is only part of the process.  Being successful requires monitoring your progress and adapting to life events and a changing investment world.  We will remain highly engaged with you throughout your retirement journey and make any needed changes. It is important to:

  • Discuss any recent changes in your life.
  • Review your priorities.
  • Measure your progress toward your goals.

We recommend an annual meeting with additional sessions upon request.