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Unexpected Life Events

Loss of a Spouse, Divorce,
Sale of Property Money & More

The varying events of life can sometimes catch us off guard. We believe the loss of a spouse, a job change, a job loss, or a divorce requires a special level of care and dedication. This can be an emotionally charged time and we are here to help guide you through the personal and financial ramifications of such events.

You will have questions -- we are here to help.

  • How do I prepare an emergency fund for unanticipated life events?
  • What do I do about the beneficiary on my life insurance policy if it is my deceased or ex spouse?
  • What are the tax implications concerning a loss of spouse or divorce?
  • How should I handle my budget now that my income has changed?
  • What are my financial concerns after a divorce?

At Patriot Asset Advisors our team includes caring, certified professionals. During and after a life transition, we strive to ensure your needs are heard and assessed properly in order to achieve a fair, worry-free outcome.

Loss of a Spouse

You can never be fully prepared for the loss of a spouse, especially under unexpected circumstances. When dealing with grief, even the smallest tasks can be overwhelming - let alone the long to do list left for the surviving spouse. We believe your first priority in times of grief should be taking care of yourself and your loved ones, allowing yourself time to process the events. Unfortunately, as disorienting as death can be for you, time keeps moving. We're here to ease the burden of financial affairs and other planning, such as prioritizing decisions, organizing paperwork and addressing investments during this difficult time.


Divorce is often accompanied by a whirlwind of emotions before, during and after finalization. Every situation is unique, but regardless of cause or personal circumstances, each party must make important decisions regarding finances. This includes things like closing joint accounts, switching beneficiaries and establishing adequate credit. It's easy to turn to coworkers, friends and family for advice, but leave the financial and legal questions to the experts; only lawyers and financial planners can offer unbiased, customized direction and solutions. As a CFP® Professional we can help you navigate all the financial aspects of the process. We understand the immense stress that comes with divorce and are here to help you rebuild and restart.

Inheritance - Sale of Business or Property

Inheriting property can either be a wonderful gift or an added burden. Though it can be hard to let go, keeping and maintaining land or another home is not ideal for everyone. You may find the decision to sell is a huge relief, and the extra cash is undoubtedly welcome. But is it that simple? What if you share the property and not everyone has the same wish? What about taxes? Before you make your decision, lets have a conversation; our trusted advisors have the answers to your questions and can uncover details and considerations you may have overlooked.

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