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Financial Planning & Advising Services

Our Services

Patriot Asset Advisors offers all the services of big-name financial planning corporations with the trustworthiness and client relationships that can only be found by working with a local independent business.

Many large, multi-branch financial firms participate in “Revenue-Sharing” with large Annuity and Mutual Fund companies. Revenue-Sharing, a form of kickbacks, is compensation paid to brokerage firms to be on a preferred vendor list. This, along with commission payments, may create a conflict of interest.

We are fee-based financial planners. That means we have a fiduciary duty to work solely on your behalf and for your benefit, making it our top priority to help you succeed in your unique short-term and long-term goals. Our financial success is directly tied to your financial success.

Retirement & Legacy

Thinking about retirement can be intimidating, but our team will be there every step of the way. We’ll begin by helping you answer important questions like what life in retirement looks like for you, how much money you need to maintain your current lifestyle and when it’s the best time to collect Social Security.  


Wealth Accumulation & Family Protection

Are you just beginning to think about your future – how you’ll accumulate wealth and protect and provide for your family? This is the perfect place for us to come in. Our approach is focusing on you and your goals, not just your money. We’ll help you plan for all of life’s important events, like marriage, college, travel and the dreaded unexpected.


Unexpected Life Events

When you encounter an unexpected life event, it can be a devastating and emotionally-charged time. We get it. As you navigate personal and financial ramifications, we’ll provide understanding, answers and guidance to achieve a worry-free outcome.


Business Owners

Business owner. We understand the significance of this title. You invest a lot of time and energy in your career and make a variety of decisions that impact more than just yourself. You probably have a lot of questions about the financial aspects of your business, too. We have answers.


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