Our Story

Allen Stocker became a licensed financial advisor in 1995. He worked at a large financial company and built a substantial client base over those years. While he enjoyed the work, he didn’t like the company’s focus on products and shareholder profits.  As a financial advisor, shouldn’t his goal always be the bottom line of his client?

Allen believed that he could prosper by putting his clients first, so in 2009 he founded Patriot Asset Advisors.  Initially, the firm partnered with brokerage firms.  Later, Allen and his business partner, Jonathan Taylor, made Patriot Asset Advisors a fee-based, fully independent firm.  So Patriot Asset Advisors became a registered investment advisory, free to act as fiduciaries for their clients.

Soon after, Carolyn Peterson moved her office under the same roof.  Carolyn, an IRS Enrolled Agent, brought significant tax insight and experience to the team. The three enjoyed working together to provide clients with more advanced and tax-efficient strategies.

Now, the team was equipped to help clients with a lifetime of financial planning needs.  Patriot Asset Advisors also collaborated directly with their clients’ other professionals, such as accountants and attorneys.  Along with saving clients time, this helped ensure strategies were appropriately implemented.

This unique, client-focused approach has helped Patriot Asset Advisors grow to serve even more families in Ohio and beyond.