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Wealth of Time Thumbnail

Wealth of Time

My Plan for Wealth Accumulation

by Jonathan Taylor

I want more wealth! But not the kind you think. I’m not talking about money; I’m talking about time.

I desire the wealth of time. I desire the wealth of experiences and the time to have them.

Even people with unlimited amounts of money cannot buy more time. And, subsequently, when your time is up you sure aren’t taking your money with you. That’s why I believe that time is a powerful form of wealth.

So how do you acquire the wealth of time? I believe it is in the opportunities you take, the memories you make, the impact you achieve, and the people that touch you. Think of the old expression, “stop and smell the roses.” It’s not enough to walk by and say, “yes, the roses are pretty.” You need to interact more deeply with what is around you. Widen the circle that you move within. Open your mind a bit more and listen to opinions that differ from yours. You just might learn something.

Back in my college days I noticed a student in my dorm was only using the sink to sponge-bathe every morning. I had to inquire (I’ve never been shy in striking up a conversation), and after I introduced myself, we talked about the situation. He explained to me that where he was from, water was a precious commodity that was used sparingly in order to conserve it. He could not believe the amount of water wasted everyday with all those showers. I’d never thought about that.

Conserving water seemed a bit trivial to me at the time, but fast forward to today – Water is now a resource that most Governments have realized is not in infinite supply. To think all I did was take some time to inquire about an issue, and I learned something valuable.

Some of the greatest names in history – and present day - are those who thought or viewed things differently and took time to discover why. These people have become our most influential educators. Time is truly the only thing in the human experience that we can spend, although money does to some extent give us spending choices. How you spend your time is a direct reflection of your personal wealth and the value you assign to each second, hour, month, year, etc.

Thinking back on some of my favorite memories, they are mostly centered around simple, spontaneous happenings, not elaborate trips or celebrations. But maybe memories look different for you. The value you place on time and how you spend that “wealth” is completely personal. You determine its significance and how to measure it in your lifetime.

For me, wealth of time is measured in living in interesting times, having great experiences, and meeting fascinating, diverse people.

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