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Everyone Has a Plan Thumbnail

Everyone Has a Plan

Does your life have a plan?

by Jonathan Taylor

Everyone has plans, right?

Or are they dreams? How can you tell the difference?

Let’s explore this for a moment.

Dreams fill our imaginations every day, but when a fleeting thought becomes a true desire, you may find yourself more profoundly inspired. You may think, “what would it take for me to actually make that happen?”

You start pondering. “If I did this, or I change that…maybe I can actually do this.”

This is when dreams turn into plans. 

You must then begin asking concrete questions: What do you want to achieve? Can you define the goal? Can you set a time frame? What skills and resources are required to achieve the outcome, and do you have them?

There inlays the difference between dreams and plans: A dream is effortless, perhaps even relaxing and comforting, but a plan takes work and discipline.

I view a plan as a two-fold exercise; you plan for what you want, and you plan for what could happen.

A plan needs to be flexible and dynamic. The world will always place obstacles on the path to success, and you should expect it.

Boxer Mike Tyson said it best - “Everyone has a plan until you get hit in the mouth.”

We are vulnerable, emotional creatures, and setbacks can override even the most disciplined personalities. A well-trained Boxer is strong, but made even stronger by the encouragement from their team reminding them, “hey, stick with the plan.” I hope this metaphor paints a mental picture that you can carry with you.

Any plan you devise will get punched and beat up a little in the process of achieving your goal. We learn from our negative experiences, and sometimes minor losses are the price of learning. Slow down and catch your breath when needed, but don’t give up.

Modify the plan and come out fighting!
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