Financial planning and investment management are critical, but are not enough. As your wealth grows, taxes can take an increasingly large bite out of everything you do.

That’s why our unique service is dedicated to helping you be more tax efficient while you build and protect your wealth.

At Patriot Asset Advisors, we provide integrated tax planning along with financial planning and investment management. We’re always looking for strategies that can help you save money, reduce risk and increase your after-tax returns. Along with all that, we also provide retirement income planning, estate planning, Social Security and Medicare advice, and much more.

Serving Those with Complex Financial Lives in Licking County Ohio and Nationwide

Achieve More with Less Risk

If you’re simply looking to jump on the latest investing trends, we’re not a good fit for you. Instead, our focus is
combining time-tested wealth-building principles with smart tax strategies to help you achieve more with less risk.

Our Clients

At Patriot, we serve clients from many walks of life, but they have some things in common.

They are primarily hardworking people from a variety of disciplines, including engineers, expert trades people, professionals, business owners and other individuals looking to protect and carefully build wealth.

Instead of cookie-cutter solutions, they are looking for advanced strategies that can help them keep more of what they earn.

They are looking to secure their financial future for their family and future generations.

Regions Served

If you prefer in-person meetings, we serve clients throughout the greater Licking County region.
However, if you’re comfortable with a virtual relationship, we serve clients successfully nationwide.


With recent improvements in technology, many people find it is much more convenient to meet virtually. If that is the case, Patriot can provide its comprehensive services virtually. We’re happy to keep in touch with you by email, phone and online virtual conference. This avoids you having to drive to our offices.

As a result, Patriot currently serves client from coast to coast.