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Guiding You to Financial Freedom

The Patriot Asset Advisors Story

Allen Stocker became a licensed financial professional in 1995. He worked at a large financial company for 14 years and built a substantial client base. Within a three-year period, that particular company experienced a buyout and two additional mergers. With that much unrest, Allen decided it was time to put his own name on the door. He wanted a firm that focused on its clients and their goals -- one that protected their client’s interests. In 2009 Allen’s dream of starting a new financial services firm came to be. He founded Patriot Asset Advisors.

In 2018 Allen and his business partner, Jonathan Taylor, chose to make Patriot Asset Advisors a fully independent firm and registered with the State of Ohio. Thus Patriot Asset Advisors became a registered investment advisory.

Prior to that decision Patriot Asset Advisors was connected with several other independent brokerage firms. Once again acquisitions, mergers, and ownership changes took place with these connections. Consequently, Allen and Jonathan felt it was in the best interest of their clients and their own business to move beyond the brokerage firm relationship.

Allen, a Certified Financial Planner CFP® Professional, works closely with clients, helping make important financial and estate planning decisions. In addition to financial planning and wealth management, advisors assist clients with financial risk management, life insurance, and living benefit insurance. Additionally, advisors will collaborate with other important consultants of clients (accountants and attorneys) to provide sound financial counsel.

Patriot Asset Advisors is committed to providing trusted advice to their clients. You work hard for your money; let Patriot Asset Advisors help you manage it well.

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