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The True Investment Thumbnail

The True Investment

Time: The True Investment

by Jonathan Taylor

How do you measure wealth?

Our society has always been fixated on wealth. Who has the most? How do I get more? The wealthiest individuals have reached celebrity status in our world. The Technology revolution that has exploded over the last 20 years has made some of the tech leaders household names. But what is the quality of life for these people? Can they go out in public and enjoy a walk in the park?

Financial wealth has its drawbacks.

What I would like to expand upon is the quality of life we live in the time we are given. Enjoyment of experiences and connections - this is how I feel you should measure your wealth! Money and financial wealth are a necessity in our modern world, of course, but they are not by any means a measure of your value.

We need a moderation and balance to all we do. I believe our workplace productivity is directly tied to the happiness we experience in our personal lives. You should spend as much time and energy discovering yourself and your world as you do in pursuit of success in your career. We all know a coworker who can’t disconnect and stay off their devices during a supposed vacation: “I have to check my email.” “Hey, I have to take this call!” “Let me respond to this text.”  Trust me, I’m guilty of occasionally crossing business with downtime, but I’ve learned to disconnect and take time for myself, family and friends.

I’ve met several highly successful individuals and admire what they’ve accomplished in their professions. I never fail to discover, though, upon asking about time away from work, many do not engage in hobbies and their personal life is limited. Their entire identity is career and business; if the career suffers, so does the identity. We know the old adage all too well: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

We also have no idea what the future holds for us. Our health could take a debilitating turn. Loved ones can be taken from us at any moment. Unexpected, life-altering events are a perpetual possibility. For that reason, it’s critical to spend time with people and share experiences. Things that seem mundane or uninteresting now may one day be your most treasured memories.

It can be much easier to take on a project or task at work than it is to take on the complexities of oneself, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to make a shift. Focus some of that professional energy on you, your personal life, and those you care about and discover what makes you truly happy.

Perhaps one day soon you will realize how wealthy you already are.
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