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Can You Stomach It?

Can You Stomach It?

The past few weeks have seen several issues affect the global economy. From trade wars to interest rates, it seems that a sense of vulnerability is replacing confidence. Many experts predict that 2020 will be a volatile year.

As you listen to the talking heads, you may get the idea that if you make the right moves at the right time, you can consistently time the market. But you should avoid trying to time the market. A better way forward is to understand how much risk you are willing to tolerate in your strategy. Also consider your spending habits, your non-financial assets, and your goals.

As we enter the final months of 2019, it’s a good idea to review your financial strategy and talk about how to handle market risk in the coming year. We have built a diversified plan to help you meet your long-term goals and investing for the long term can leave you feeling confident in any market.

- Team Patriot

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