Estate and Insurance Planning

Keeping You Prepared for the Future

We’ve all heard the stories of celebrities who died without wills, creating problems and legal battles.  Unfortunately, this is not just a risk to the rich and famous.  If you die without being prepared, your assets may not go where you want them to.  You also risk leaving your family a mess to clean up at the worst possible time. Further, your heirs may pay far more in taxes than they needed to.

That’s why estate planning is essential.

By planning today, you can help ensure the wealth you worked so hard to build ends up in the hands of those you want to benefit from it.

Passing on Your
Wealth Tax-Efficiently

Estate planning can help you ensure your wealth is passed on in the most tax-efficient way possible.  That might include setting up a trust or titling assets in specific ways to accomplish your goals.

At Patriot, our wealth managers work together with our tax specialist, an IRS Enrolled Agent, to help you find strategies that fit your needs.

Another aspect of estate planning is that it can help you control how your heirs spend the money, which is also critical in today’s complex world.

Once we work together to find estate planning strategies you would like to employ, we will work with your attorney to put the plan in place.  We help monitor the implementation process to ensure everything does what it is supposed to do.

If you don’t have an estate planning attorney, we’re happy to refer a vetted, reasonably priced professional.

Preparing for the Unexpected (and the Expected)

At Patriot, we’ll work with you to create the documentation you need so your affairs are in order if you die or are incapacitated unexpectedly.  This includes creating a will (or trust), medical directives, power of attorney, and other documents.

We’ll also be there for your family to assist them if something happens to you.  That usually helps our clients rest easy that they’ve prepared as much as possible.